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One On One Personal Mindset Coaching

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This program includes 3 months of access to Brent's 1 on 1 coaching program. This Includes: 45 minute video call each week between you and Brent (that is recorded and you receive access to each session to go back as needed!) Exclusive access to my private FB group for coaching clients only. Custom growth tasks and study materials Private Email & Text Access to Brent Find Clarity. Achieve Success. Make Your Impact. If you find yourself feeling stuck and unable to identify what’s holding you back, it’s time to take a nuanced look at your whole self. Everyone needs something a little different in order to get that AHA moment and create a shift that expands their perspective. Those little impacts that make a great big impression on your journey, like when you’ve been stuck in life and suddenly AHA – the stars align and finally things become clear. That’s the AHA moment I create, those are your impacts. We often get to a point on our journey towards mindfulness where meditation, self-help books, yoga and conscious steps toward positive change aren’t enough. It can be unexpected and unpredictable – often our feelings of being “stuck” seem to have no particular source. Personal Mindset Coaching cuts through the bullsh#t and allows you to see your life clearly through a fresh perspective, relieving internal tension and enabling you to achieve incredible personal and professional transformation.

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