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5 Quick Tips To Boost Your Brain Power

Do you ever check in with your brain to determine if it needs a tune-up? Just like the oil in a car, routine maintenance helps dust off the debris collected so your brain can run at its top intellectual performance. Do you take time to evaluate your routine bi-weekly, bi-monthly, or bi-yearly?

The human brain has the ability to change, and we call this brain plasticity or neuroplasticity. Meaning the life of the brain has the ability to be altered at any stage from childhood to adulthood. Microscopic changes in an individual’s neurons can remap themselves in areas of healthy development, learning, memory, and recovery.

All you need to do is invest some time and effort into regular training for your brain. It can be simple, and you don’t need to be a genius to master these tune-ups. By creating a reset for the brain to run at full capacity, one can awaken the mind to its fullest expression. By the brain’s activity normalizing, the routine one experiences daily become less mundane, needs less stimulation to produce positive energy force and clarity becomes the key feature.

Do you want to discover 5 tips that help boost your brain power?

1. Spontaneity Experiencing something new actually stimulates the brain. It allows for the brain receptors to adapt and activate new neural pathways. By switching up your routine, you alleviate getting into a rut of your own patterns. By experiencing spontaneity you can change the structure of your brain while increasing your intelligence. So go mix it up — go to a new coffee shop, get out of the car and ride a bike, change your exercise routine, or go explore the great outdoors. The possibilities are endless, just motivate yourself to try something new.

2. Regular Physical Conditioning Regular exercise helps the brain function while eliminating brain fog. Exercise can also reduce both the biological and cognitive consequences of aging. Cool huh? With regular physical conditioning you can increase brain blood flow to the hippocampus, which is the key brain region affected by Alzheimer’s disease. Therefore increasing cognitive memory. If you’re not exercising, then a simple solution is to get started.

3. Memory Training How are you training your brain? What memory tools do you have in place to remember and attain information? Everybody wants a better memory, but how can you achieve this. If you start disciplining yourself to retain numbers, from phone to driver’s licenses that is a start. Also adding memory focused games in your free time either from an app or sudoku’s can help you improve your memory. In time, with discipline you will improve your brain memory retention.

4. Positive Thinking When you are positive your brain turns on a light. It reduces stress and anxiety which actually kills brain neurons and stops producing new ones. By creating positive thought patterns your brain cells increase rapidly and dramatically reduce stress and anxiety. So in essence, if you can reduce those negative thoughts patterns you can increase your amount of brain cells.

5. Limit External Device Reliance If you are constantly relying on phones, computers, and calculators then you are limiting your ability to increase your brainpower. By being fixed to your devices you lose brain capacity to function without. Try to resist using your device all the time, you don’t need it, instead try to use your natural gift for memory. The brain. It is a powerful tool, that can help you achieve greatness, but you either use it or lose it!

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