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I introduced this concept on a FB Live from the other day: (You can see the short video here)

Most of you know I started out my career as a magician.... and when he (or she!) starts out, every conjurer learns that one magic word we ALL associate with magicians and wizards...


The next time you are facing a problem, think like a magician because you DO HAVE MAGIC inside you that will help you thwart every problem in your way to the life you want.

Just remember the first four letters...ABRA


Admit that there is a problem. That's the first step no matter what you are struggling with. Drag that problem out of the dark recesses of your mind and into the light. It no longer has the same power over you when you acknowledge it. Don't fight it...what you RESIST, PERSISTS.....but it doesn't just GROWS. The longer you deny it or make excuses for it, the larger a shadow it will cast on your life.


Breathe in and ground yourself. Plant your feet firmly on the ground and breathe in and out....deeply. Breathe IN your unlimited potential, your universal power, all the positivity that surrounds you----- and breathe OUT negativity and doubt.

DEEP breathing, and the process of simply observing your breathe as it goes in and out will INSTANTLY reduce your stress level, and give you a clearer mind from which to make decisions.


Release what is no longer serving you. Release those limiting beliefs, those desires others forced on you about YOUR life from those around you. Release your past and forgive yourself and make THIS the moment where your life path changes. The more you release, the more pent up Life Force energy is returned to you to focus elsewhere. You are not running a self storage facility, so stop granting yourself permission to store all these negative thought patterns inside you. Start decluttering the junk drawer of your mind.


Align yourself to your true nature. Align yourself to source, to what's right in the world and right in your life. Stand up for yourself, embrace EVERYTHING about you, flaws and all. You are an original being. There has NEVER been anyone like you since the beginning of time, so stop comparing yourself to others.

Align yourself to your what makes you HAPPY.

Follow these steps and get strong in the knowledge that the power you need to solve your problems isn't going to be found OUT THERE in the outer's locked up in YOUR INNER WORLD. But don't worry, my friends...the key to open that lock is inside you as well...take this journey, open that lock, and your reality WILL change.


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