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Create Your Anchor Image

Here is a picture of one of my favorite places on earth...Santa Monica Pier. Do you want to know a MIND HACK that I use every single day? I have amazing memories of the pier....hanging out with friends on the beach....first dates and rides on the ferris wheel....the greatest hot dogs I've ever had, and "whack a mole" battles that ended in fall down laughter. That picture reminds me of every one of those amazing feelings and memories, and it makes thoughts AND feelings of gratitude flood my consciousness. I keep this photo as my wallpaper and screensaver on my Mac, and several times a day I will look at this picture, close my eyes, and feel those moments. REALLY feel them. Your mind can't tell the difference between doing something or THINKING ABOUT doing something. It's not getting LOST in the's using an anchor image to attach those positive feelings to, and using it as a tool to solidify gratitude in your present. Find an anchor image that does this for you, and start using it today!


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