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Billy Bob and Percy shared a lovely pond. This afternoon, just as every afternoon, the two bullfrogs were lazily perched on lily pads taking in the warm sunshine. It didn't take long for a fly to flitter past Billy Bob. "Mmmmm," said Billy Bob. "That was fine and juicy! Absolutely delicious!" Soon after, Percy also caught a fly. He munched on it with a sour look on his face, swallowed it with a grunt, and then said, "Well, that was a skinny fly. Quite disgusting, actually." As the afternoon wore on, Billy Bob caught many fine flies, each one as tasty as the one before. Percy's flies all left something to be desired. Then Billy Bob remarked, "What a fine life we have here, Percy. Good food, great weather, and excellent songs for our evening pleasure. I think I'll enjoy a nap before the sun goes down." "It doesn't seem so great to me," muttered Percy. "The flies are skinny, it’s too hot out here, and you can't even carry a tune." That night, under a full moon, Billy Bob sang out his gratitude with joy and all his friends in the nearby ponds hopped over to share in his happiness. His inner beauty shone like a beacon in the night. Even the night moths were drawn to it, providing a feast for the evening's fare! Percy sat nearby in the dark, complaining about how Billy Bob always gets everything he wants, while he has to scrape by, all alone. So what's the moral of this little story? If you have an attitude of gratitude you'll receive even more blessings to be thankful for. Isn't it remarkable how Billy Bob and Percy could live in the same place, with the exact same circumstances, and yet lead two very different lives? The critical difference was that Billy Bob felt gratitude for what he had. Like Billy Bob, if you feel gratitude for your blessings, more good things will come your way. Your good feelings attract more good back to you. For example, if you desire more money, be thankful for the paycheck you just received, no matter how small it may have been. Truly feeling grateful for it attracts more back to you! On the other hand, if you focus on how small your paycheck is, that's a lack mentality, which attracts more lack back to you. If you wish that your spouse would be more loving toward you, try gratitude! You’ll see just how much gratitude can change your whole relationship for the better. Be thankful even for the little things your spouse does. Say "Thank you" and let them know how you appreciate what they do. Discover creative ways to express your gratitude on a daily basis. One of our basic needs is the desire to feel appreciated. The more you express sincere gratitude to your spouse, the more your spouse will want to please you. This attraction works in every area of your life: the financial, spiritual, emotional, and even physical dimensions. You can start each day on a good note by giving thanks for the gift of this beautiful day when you wake up in the morning. At night, reflect on all the good things from that day. Try feeling gratitude for your blessings for a week and see what a difference it can make in your life! Ask yourself these questions: Do I feel thankful for my blessings? Do I express my gratitude to others when they brighten my day? How can I incorporate more gratitude into my daily life?

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