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Fantasy Island

I never dwell on the past.

Learning to live in the moment and deliberately create my future was the greatest life lesson I ever learned.

BUT sometimes you get that amazing rush of nostalgia.

For me, the smell of fresh cut grass returns me instantly to the 1980's. Every Friday night my pop was out mowing the grass after work. I can see, hear, and smell it like it was happening right now.

The human mind is an INCREDIBLE thing.

I don't watch much TV anymore...but one show I was excited to see was the reboot of one of my childhood favorites "Fantasy Island".

I'm only four episodes in..but I love this show!

They kept the original flavor but brought it into the 21st century.

The caretaker of the island is now a woman, the niece of the iconic Mr Roarke, and Tattoo is a woman too!

The show is great....and it also has the effect of transporting me back to my childhood.

Sitting on the floor (remember floor model TV's in the big cabinets?) on Saturday night as close as I could be to the HUGE 19' screen.

First, it was The Love Boat at 9PM, then Fantasy Island at 10.

My DREAM was a cross-over episode where The Love Boat docked on Fantasy Island. Gopher and Tattoo in the same place! Captain Stubing and Mr Roarke playing volleyball!

I know. I was 8 so cut me some slack

I still remember how I was mesmerized with the plot:

You could go to a mysterious, secret island where your host could deliver any fantasy you wished for.


Wanna be a millionaire? Done!

Wanna be confident for the first time? Wish granted.

Wanna release yourself from your past? You just have to ask.

The show hits a nerve because of what it represents.

Escapism from our lives.

Freedom to be whatever you want to be.

The ability for a do-over.

The chance to become the you that you were meant to be.

You have the same ability to grant your own wish.

"Fantasy Island" is a REAL place and it exists between your ears.

So tell me, What Is Your Fantasy?

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