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Have Toxic People In Your Life?

So, what exactly makes a person toxic?

In order to detoxify our lives, we first need to be able to understand and spot a person with toxic qualities.

They look like everyone else, talk like everyone else, and can even be hiding in your friendship group, your family, or your romantic relationship.

People with toxic qualities are master manipulators, skilled liars, and great actors. They can be hiding everywhere.

One way to identify a person like this is that uuuuuuuuuuugh feeling after hanging out: Every time you talk to them, you feel exhausted, emotionally drained, and negative.

There’s always something with this person. And you won’t always be able to pinpoint it.

I describe a person with toxic qualities as anyone who is abusive, unsupportive, or unhealthy emotionally — someone who basically brings you down more than up.

You may begin to feel dependent on him or her for their opinion, doubting your own.

They can be draining and leave you emotionally wiped out.

They want you to feel sorry for them and responsible for all their problems— and then fix these problems too.

How to recognize toxic qualities

The best gauge is to see how you feel after interacting with someone — our physical and emotional reactions to people are our best indicators.

You should consider whether you’re more tense, anxious, or angry after seeing that person, texting with them, or talking to them on the phone.

Other signs to keep an eye out for include:

** Being judgmental:** The person may constantly pass judgment on you and others.

** Obsessive neediness: **They place huge strains on your time and energy.

** Denialist: **They refuse to take responsibility or apologize for their actions.

This could be someone who uses drugs or drinks excessively, lies or asks you to lie for them, is controlling, or regularly belittles what you do.

The lives of people with toxic qualities often lack financial, professional, physical, personal, or interpersonal stability.

Essentially, they may find it very hard to exact control over their own lives, minds, and relationships, so they try to exert power over others in harmful ways.

Even parents can exert toxic effects on their kids, and it’s still fine to cut them out if their presence is harmful.

Is there someone TOXIC in your life?

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