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“I AM…two of the most powerful words, for what you put after them shapes your reality.”

What a great quote.

When I first saw it years ago it really made me stop and think and I love quotes like that.

We don’t often enough think about the words we say about ourselves, and yet the things we say about ourselves have such a massive impact on our self-esteem and our self-confidence.

The things we say about ourselves can either impact us negatively or, if we are smart about the things we say about ourselves, we have the ability to use our words in a way that can impact our lives for the positive in a significant way.

So often we say things like “I am fat” or “I am ugly today” or “I am not capable” etc. And so rarely do we say things like “I am smart” or “I am capable” or “I am beautiful”.

I am a firm believer that the way we talk about ourselves and to ourselves has a massive impact on who we are and how we feel.

I genuinely believe that when we say positive things to ourselves it changes our view of ourselves and builds our confidence and self-esteem and gives us the courage to go out and try new things and become better.

Here is a list of “I AM…” phrases to consider saying to yourself everyday:

I AM happy

I AM capable

I AM smart

I AM open

I AM determined

I AM hardworking

I AM loved

I AM a beautiful person

I AM successful

I AM awesome

I AM destined for GREATNESS!

Who wouldn’t feel amazing about themselves if they looked in the mirror and said those things each morning?

Just think how powerful you would feel as you walked out your door in the morning!

You would be unstoppable!

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