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Mindset Coaching: What is a Mindset Coach and Why Work With One?

Have you ever felt like you are stuck in life, knowing you want to make a change but unsure how to move forward? A mindset coach can help you find your “aha” moment, shift and expand your perspective, and breakthrough mental barriers to reach your personal and professional goals. In other words, they are professionals who specialize in helping you get your sh*t together. Curious about whether a mindset coach can help you? Read on, my friend.

So, What Is a Mindset Coach?

Mindset coaches can help you rewire your mindset and unlock your full personal and professional potential. In doing so, you can create an impact in your life and the lives of those around you. Mindset coaches typically do not simply give advice or solve problems for you. Rather, they ask powerful questions that encourage you to look within yourself. In this way, you can identify roadblocks and counterproductive mindsets, find solutions within your own mind, and create positive outcomes that meet your goals.

Mindset coaches use neuroscience and elements of psychology to facilitate this process. What they don’t do is focus on your past to change your future like a therapist would, tell you exactly how to solve your problem like a consultant would, or share their experience as it relates to your personal or professional goals as a mentor would. Instead, your coach will guide you through an objective, evidence-based assessment of your current situation via honest self-reflection. From there, you’ll work to identify goals and roadblocks, and ultimately create an outcome-focused plan of action.

Mindset Coaching Can Benefit Almost Anyone

Unless you can honestly say that you are knocking all of your personal and professional goals out of the park and you couldn’t possibly be happier or more fulfilled, chances are that you have some areas of your life that could be improved through mindset coaching. If you’re going through a midlife crisis, if you’re facing a loss of motivation or a plateau in your performance, if you aren’t getting the results you want either in your professional or personal life, or if you just want to invest in perpetual self-improvement, mindset coaching can benefit you.

But, you must have the desire to change and be prepared to do the work. We as humans are hardwired to want to improve and get better at what we do but, seemingly counter-productively, our brains dislike change. That’s because our lizard brain–the brain stem, which is responsible for primal survival instincts–is predisposed to avoiding change, since what you’re currently doing has, so far at least, kept you alive.

Mindset coaching will help your higher brain power take the reins from your lizard brain, allowing you to make mindful changes, extract yourself from stagnant behavior patterns, and achieve clarity and success. Pretty cool, right?

Why Should You Work With a Mindset Coach?

So you’re ready to make some changes, unlock your potential, and smash your goals…but how the heck can a mindset coach help you do that? Keep in mind that a mindset coach won’t force you (or even tell you) to do anything. You’ll be in the driver’s seat the whole time, and your results will depend on the actions that you take. Your mindset coach will simply facilitate the success process by helping you in these key areas:

Improving Self-Awareness

Unless you are self-aware, it’s impossible to self-improve. Self-awareness can be difficult to develop due to your internal biases. Or, if you find yourself in an echo chamber of friends and family who think and act as you do. They will often give you the feedback they think you want to hear rather than that which you need to hear. A mindset coach can provide unbiased, professional feedback which can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses without jeopardizing any personal relationships or harshly criticizing you. Your coach can help you take responsibility for the outcomes of your actions and look realistically at the results.

Setting Goals

Goal-setting provides focus and can enhance your productivity since you have something specific to work for. However, setting realistic goals can be difficult for a lot of people. It’s hard to know what you’re capable of or what’s actually achievable. Many people set the bar super high for their goals without the right plan for follow-through, work feverishly to achieve them and risk burnout, or become discouraged and give up on the goal together. But, with the professional guidance of a mindset coach, you can learn to set achievable goals for yourself. This will make your self-improvement journey much more manageable.

Creating Accountability

You can set goals all day long, but without an accountability system in place, the goals likely won’t be met. Mindset coaches can and will hold you accountable for your goals in the short term. More importantly, they’ll also teach you how to hold yourself accountable. This is a big one. If you cut through all the bullsh*t reasons about why you haven’t gotten things done, the root of the problem is often that you can’t or won’t hold yourself accountable.

Increasing Motivation

Learning to hold yourself accountable for your goals can play a huge role in increasing motivation. This, in turn, helps you actually achieve the goals. Mindset coaching can allow you to reignite your desire to move forward. It can even help you redefine your intrinsic beliefs regarding motivation and achievement.

Engaging in Self-Reflection

Your mindset coach can help you reflect on your goals, analyzing your progress, and identifying successes and failures. Your coach can also help you formulate your next goal. They’ll keep you on a perpetual track of self-improvement and goal-crushing. You aren’t going to quit after achieving just one goal, are ya?!

I offer 1:1 coaching and corporate coaching, consulting. To get started (or if you want to learn more), email me and let’s see what happens.

I can’t wait to help you make your transformation!

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