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***Stop your mental gymnastics, over-thinking and looping. ***

If you are reading this, you have been gifted with a brain that can process information.

We have this thing called a mind.

A thought creation machine which, if left to its own devices, can run our life, steal our peace and our energy.

When we unplug from our social conditioning we can ‘hear' our thinking.

That thinking is random.

Often chaotic.

It bounces around all over the place and, the kicker?

It tells lies.

Untruths and, sadly, we listen to those thoughts like they are gospel.

Our thinking and our thoughts are two entirely different things...more on that another time.

When we can see and hear our thinking for what it is, we create some space and ease.

Just random and crazy thoughts.

Yes, I know that you get what I’m speaking of here.

The moment we grab onto our thinking and build on it, try to stop it and push it down, we've put our mind in the Driver’s Seat of our life.

A crash is inevitable.

A relationship or two damaged.

Feeling suffering and pain.

Way less energy.

Lack of clarity.

Zero peace.

That’s not You.

It’s an archived movie of conditioning and beliefs that has gathered dust.

You can turn down the sound.

Turn off the projector.

You can write and play out a whole new script.

All power to you

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