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Passion Is Power

Do you understand the power you possess?

Sometimes you have to remind yourself that the only opinion that matters about you is yours.

You are the only one that is going to make yourself happy or feel good about who you’ve become.

Learn to look for validation in yourself. Not in a girl, or a guy, or a smaller butt, or a shiny sports car.

No matter who it is around you making you feel less than who you want to be, you have the power to walk and talk and breathe with confidence and great self esteem.

The power to talk to say “goodbye” and the power to walk to leave that drama behind.

Be the best you that you can be, and remember life is too short to waste it feeling sad about the past or worried about the future.

You have the power to make yourself smile as soon as you believe you deserve it, because you do. Find PASSION in your POWER and you will change your life in an instant!

Everyone deserves to live a life of happiness, of abundance, of power, and of peace.

Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.

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