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Reignite Your Relationship!

It can be helpful to reminisce and reflect on your relationship to strengthen and reinforce your connection.

Storytelling is a great way to do this, but you may also want to write your responses in a journal and then discuss things from both perspectives.

Sit down together as a couple and answer one or two of these each evening for a week.

Discuss the following:

· Tell the story of how you met.

· What did you find attractive about each other?

· Share some special memories about your dating experiences.

· Who are your relationship role models? What do you want to emulate about their relationships?

· How is your life richer and improved because of your relationship?

· What traits are you grateful for in your partner?

· How do you affirm and acknowledge each other?

· How are you different? How do these differences strengthen your relationship?

· What has positively affected your relationship?

Daily Practice

Express your love and gratitude to each other every day.

Be aware of things that your partner or spouse most appreciates or enjoys. Do more of that!

People like different things – love notes, time spent sharing, tokens or gifts, quality time, acts of kindness or service, acknowledgement and affirmation, compliments, texts and email, playfulness, hugs, kisses, and touch.

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