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Self Limiting Beliefs

"I'm past my prime."

*"I don't have enough experience," *

"I'm sure someone else has already done this."

These are just a few instances of self-limiting ideas that can keep you from reaching your objectives.

There are plenty more limiting beliefs out there, and we all have a couple.

These views are frequently formed in early childhood based on our own experiences and modified by our parents or other influential persons in our lives.

I get penalized if I hit someone, so striking people must be wrong.

I am rewarded for saying "please" and "thank you." As a result, being courteous must be beneficial.

We begin to form more sophisticated beliefs as we grow older, and we can draw on a far wider number of sources.

Many of us make resolutions or goals at the start of the year, and many of us fail to keep them by February. Then we beat ourselves up for our lack of willpower, and the cycle repeats itself the next year.

If this is your situation, limiting beliefs may have prevented you from reaching your objectives.

So, for the time being, put the blame aside and try to figure out what went wrong.

Here are some self-examination questions to consider:

Were your objectives reasonable?

If that's the case, why didn't you meet them?

Was it caused by external forces, your actions, or a combination of both?

What could you have done differently if you had focused on your actions?

Why didn't you do that earlier?

What were the outcomes you were most concerned about?

What trends are you able to spot?

When you've had a bad day?

Answer yourself and break your self limiting beliefs....

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