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The Battle For Your Life Is In Your Mind

From the beginning of time, there have been battles. And battles have been a way of life, good versus evil, light versus darkness, brother versus brother ... But I want to talk about another battle, one in which 100% of the people reading this have been engaged every single day of their lives — the battle of change.

**It’s the battle of the “old me” versus the “new me.” **

**The battle of “us 1.0” versus “us 2.0.” ***

**Our past versus our future. **

Who I am versus who I can be.

The battlefield is in our mind, and the battle is fought every single day. Its stake may not be land or possession but rather the future of our business and family. And who’s to say that any of the battles of the world are more important to our children than the battle of the mind that each one of us fights every day as spiritual being having a human experience.

Now, this battle requires an honest assessment. When we look at ourselves and our future, if we are not really honest with ourselves about what our effort level is, what our attitude is, what we really want and what we are willing to pay for it, we will not make the right decision.

***Where are we? **

***What are we doing? **

*Am I really on the road to success, or am I just on the road?

***What is really going on with me? And what is really going on inside of me? **

These are some important questions we must actively seek answers to.

Sometimes in our busy lives we think what we are doing is working, we think we are performing, we think we are out there making a real difference, but this may be far from reality.

It takes a really honest self-analysis of ourselves to move to the next level.

Think of your life as if it’s headed north on a highway. On the road headed north, there are two lanes. The lane on the right has a 30-miles-per-hour speed limit, and the lane on the left is an unlimited speed limit. We know that we can go to greater levels when we move into the left-hand lane. But still, we mostly live in the right-hand lane because that’s how most of us are — kind of lazy and not too ambitious. But if you really want to create massive, dynamic, PERMANENT shifts in your life, you need to invest some time in the lane with an unlimited speed limit.

I am sure you are wondering: What does that look like? So here are some comparisons between the two lanes to help you identify where you are currently operating from and what you could do to shift lanes.

**Now Vs. Later: **Working at 30 miles an hour is always pushing things off until later. But there is no real concept of later. When later gets here, what is it called? It’s called now! So later is an illusion. It’s an excuse that we use. Unfortunately, waiting builds apprehension. Whatever it is you are afraid of, the longer you wait to tackle that thing, the more apprehension exists. Action, on the other hand, is liberating. Something now is better than everything later. Whatever you can do, do now, not later — today, not tomorrow.

Commitment Vs. Convenience: If the right lane is all about convenience, the left lane is all about commitment. Commitment is not something we do at the spur of the moment; commitment is a decision we make, and then we follow through. On the other hand, convenience is based on emotions. If I feel like doing it, then I am doing it.

**Consistent Vs. Sporadic: **Doing the right things on a regular basis rather than being sporadic is important. Sporadic action is easier because it requires no planning; it just happens if it happens. But consistency is developing a success habit. We can be habitually sporadic or habitually consistent. Make consistency a natural response.

Goals Vs. Aimless: Goals help us stay focused. The power of the goal is not in the size of the goal but in its accomplishment. Achieved goals equal success. Without a goal, you will feel like you are losing even when you’re winning.

**Belief Vs. Doubt: **Belief is the single most important attitude to building your dream life. You can’t outwork doubt. An intense work ethic with doubt is worth nothing.

**Strategic Vs. Haphazard: **Haphazardness does not allow you to build continuity. People need to know which direction they are going and where the battle is. You can’t just fight; you must know who you’re fighting, where you’re fighting, what you’re fighting and why you’re fighting. And that’s what being strategic is all about.

Focus Vs. Distractions: Life is distracting. From marriage, children, death, disease, bad business decisions, financial problems and more, distractions are unavoidable. Fortunately, you can still run 70-plus miles an hour and remain focused while you are distracted. It is called multitasking. You can be distracted and still make lasting change. Don’t use distractions as an excuse; use them as a reason.

**Family Vs. Family: **Life presents choices; the road to success has two lanes. The right lane that holds you to 30 miles per hour is where all the exit lanes are, the scenic overviews, the party breaks, etc. But the future of your family (both at work and at home) is in the left-hand lane. Spend some time in the left lane: one week a month, one month a year or perhaps six months a year. Make a commitment to stay in the left-hand lane.

Remember — you don’t have a talent deficit, you don’t have an education deficit, you don’t have an opportunity deficit, you just have a decision deficit. Tell yourself constantly, “I can do this!”

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