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The Calls Are Coming From Inside The House!

How many of you remember the old movie When A Stranger Calls?

That flick scared the crap out of me when I was a kid.

It's based on the old urban legend known as "the babysitter and the man on the phone."

During an evening of babysitting, a high-school student is terrorized by a caller who keeps asking "Have you checked the children lately?"

When she calls the police, they inform her that the calls are coming from inside the house.

Can you imagine....

"We've traced the call. It's coming from INSIDE THE HOUSE!"

Last night this movie crossed my mind, and I thought that's such a perfect metaphor for what we do to ourselves.

How many times have we acted against our self-interest, then asked ourselves why did we self-destruct?

Why did we say that to a loved one?

Why did we procrastinate on that project?

Why have we stopped doing that one thing that makes us feel great?

Self sabotaging thoughts and behaviors are perpetuated by an inner critic we all possess, which I love to call your bitchy roommate.

The voice doesn’t represent a positive sense of self that you can entrust in. Rather, it epitomizes a cruel “anti-self,” a part inside us that is turned against us.

It casts doubt on our abilities, undermines our desires, and convinces us to be paranoid and suspicious toward ourselves and those close to us.

This anti-self fills our mind with critical self-analysis and self-sabotaging thoughts that lead us to hold back or steer away from our true goals.


Indeed they are.

We are doing it to ourselves, and we alone can stop it.


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