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The Power Of Surrender

From a much higher perspective we are ALL being asked to surrender.

Individually and as a collective we are being offered the opportunity to pause, to reset, to evaluate and re-organize.

Bringing focus and attention to the parts of our lives that are important and those that require change.

To surrender more deeply into the truth of WHO we really are.

To that end, surrender is not something that comes easily to most as it opposes our human condition on every level. One of our members recently asked the following question regarding surrender:

***Question: *I keep seeing the word surrender and know it’s a message for me. I know surrender is about letting go … but I don’t know how or where to start or possibly even what surrender really means. Can you give me some guidance?

Answer: I would say that surrender has been the hardest part of my journey. I had a lot of stuff to heal so to say that the road to surrender was bumpy is an understatement.

Remember the Ego aspect is part of our personality that thinks it needs to keep us safe. To the Ego, SAFE means being in ‘control’. It also includes; predictable, small and routine to name a few.

Therefore spiritual growth and evolution is about retraining/teaching the Ego that as a DIVINE Being ; we are safe . We are supported, guided, held and loved – ALWAYS.

This requires in essence a ‘trust fall’; a letting go as you have suggested. Letting go of control, letting go of needing to know, letting go of routines, beliefs, paradigms and eventually who you ‘think’ you are …

It’s a process. Beginning with awareness of the Ego and what it thinks it’s protecting you from and then healing every aspect of your present and past that gives the Ego a ‘leg to stand on’.

It is about observing your beliefs and behaviors and noticing how many of them are rooted in the illusion of keeping you safe and in control .

It’s letting go of outcomes and expectations and holding the inner knowing that everything is always working out for you. While being aware that when it doesn’t appear that way, it is merely your Ego asking for more love, compassion and understanding.

*It is about finding inner peace in not knowing, not having to control or manipulate outcomes and being able to SURRENDER fully into each NOW moment – and the next NOW moment and so on . *

*This brings us into a FLOW state. *

Flow is where our highest timelines, abundance and highest expression of self are found.

In this state; we live intuitively minute to minute knowing that our higher self has the reigns, that we are truly BEING our most DIVINE expression in human form.

Begin to observe yourself through the lens of this message and see what comes up. Observe where you are triggered into fear, lack, or disharmony for there is where you being shown where to start.

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