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The Six Types Of Toxic People

Toxic People Are Like Soft Drinks, They Will Kill You Slowly

Alcohol and drugs can kill you quickly, from traffic accidents to overdoses, but toxic people are more like soft drinks.

When you drink a soda, it is unlikely to cause you immediate harm, and it certainly shouldn’t kill you. If you drink soda three times a day, though, you may notice the negative health effects of your soft drink consumption.

In the same way, toxic people slowly drain you of your vitality.

The more energy you spend on them, the more stressed and empty you feel. Some of them create such a negative force in your life that they can turn you into a toxic person without you realizing it.

You may enjoy the temporary high of drinking a Coke, but drinking them habitually can cause diabetes and obesity.

Hanging out with that toxic individual may seem okay at first, but in the end you’ll feel tired and used.

**You can classify the types of toxic people into 6 categories. **

You will undoubtedly go through this list and quickly be able to put names with each personality type.

However, once you identify these folks, you can learn how to deal with their quirks effectively.

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