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You Are Being Programmed

You are Being Programmed!

Subliminal messages, hypnotic suggestions, media programming, dreams, scary movies, watching TV and playing video games… it’s all REAL… it’s all PROGRAMMING according to the unconscious mind.

You are being programmed to live in fear, to feel like you aren’t ‘enough’ and that living your life boldly and fully is something that has to be ‘earned’ at some incredible/ sacrificial price… OR is simply not attainable at all.


You have just simply been programmed to believe that it is.

Have you ever driven your car from A to B and once you reached your destination realized that you don’t know how you got there?

Do you sit in front of the TV sometimes and ‘zone’ out?

Have you ever had a dream and upon waking; thought “wow that seemed so real”?

Have you ever day dreamed?

The average human being slips into a hypnotic trance many times a day… everyday. And when you are in ‘trance’ your unconscious mind is like a sponge taking in all the information, messages and images it is exposed to AS THOUGH IT WAS REAL. The unconscious mind can NOT discern between imagination and reality. In the trance state your EGO mind isn’t engaged and filtering the stimulation; judging it, analyzing it and deciding what is considered ‘useful’ and what isn’t. Your unconscious is literally an open portal.

This makes it extremely important to be mindful of what you expose your mind to. If you want to maintain or reprogram your mind to have more supportive, more inspirational, more ‘happy’ thoughts more of the time…. take stock of what you are letting in!

This is particularly important for children. With their EGO mind barely developed prior to the age of 10 yrs old (approx) EVERYTHING they expose their minds to becomes a part of the neurological fabric that creates who they are.

Some of the messaging that happens in childhood are those they will fight for the rest of their life.

Teens who play video games; while in trance, for hours on end….

Having the TV (particularly the news) on all day at home or the office….

All of these examples are infusing your unconscious mind with fear, violence and lack programming. Stimulation is everywhere we go, just waiting for us to slip into trance and allow the programming to take hold.

A LOT shocking when it’s put to you this way isn’t it?

Other than being mindful of what you allow in and when, here are some other tips and suggestions for practicing mindfulness hygiene:

Practice meditation – the ‘good’ form of trance Listen to podcasts, guided meditations and audio books instead of TV throughout your day. Limit the amount of time you watch TV and keep the programming light in nature. Teach your children to disconnect from gaming and TV watching every 20-30 minutes. Listen to Binureal Beats or guided meditations while falling asleep. The unconscious mind does NOT sleep and will benefit greatly from receiving this high frequency sound.

Be your own gatekeeper of stimulation and see how your moods, self talk and belief systems shift into bringing a much more patient, powerful and happier version of you to your life!


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