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Your Mind Is Destroying You

We have countless thoughts running through our heads like a wild horse every single moment. And most of the thoughts we think follow the same patterns every single time. Most of the thoughts we think are the same old thoughts that keeps going on and on in a cycle for no particular reasons.

As they say, mind is a good servant but a very bad master. I think it is true in most of our cases. We are constantly being tormented and tortured by our own mind. We are constantly being sabotaged by our own thinking. We are constantly being bombarded by our own inner critic. We are never at peace. Our inner peace is always threatened by the shenanigan of our monkey mind. Yes, some people call it the monkey mind as it doesn’t know how to keep quiet and sit still.

In another words, we are the victim of our own mind. If only we could be the master, if only we had full control over our own mind, how beautiful and smooth everything would be. If only our mind was little more peaceful and calm, how happy we would be.

If only we could stop thinking the thoughts that we know are useless, if only we could think through the thoughts that we know are useful, how empowered we would feel. If only we could just let go of all the noises and chatters and humdrum of our daily thoughts inside our head and if only we could retreat to the realm of solitude and peace and alignment, how energized we would feel.

But alas, it is not as easy as we think to free ourselves from the bondage of our thoughts and the bondage of the self we have created in the first place. However, it doesn’t mean that it is impossible. If only we could be little more conscious and aware.

If only we could teach ourselves the art of self observation. If only we could meditate in an earnest way in a consistent manner with the aim to understand the true nature of your own mind, we would certainly find a way to free ourselves.

*I have few question for you. *

I want you to ask yourself the following questions:

Have you ever questioned your own thinking?

What if I told you that the voice in your head is not who you are?

What if whatever you have been thinking so far about yourself is not real, but an imagination backed up by few experiences that shaped your thoughts?

Why do you believe everything you think?

Do you know that you can CHOOSE not to believe the thoughts which you know are useless and meaningless?

Just imagine yourself sitting silently without the presence of any of the thoughts that are currently running through your mind — both good and bad thoughts, both positive and negative thoughts, both motivating and demotivating, both virtuous and evil thoughts and everything in between.

Did you imagine?

Can you imagine yourself being empty?

Can you feel what it feels like being empty and quiet?

Imagine your mind is the blank paper of a note copy. Because when you were born, you were born literally empty. And someone wrote something in it.

You wrote something in it.

Now there are few sentences written over it.

As you grow older, more and more things are written.

More and more complex sentences are written by more and more complex parties.

Your parents write something in your blank paper.

Your society write something else.

Your teachers write something else.

Your friends write altogether different sentences.

Let me remind you something — there is nothing WRONG in being written anything in our paper. It is made to be written. We don’t wanna die being empty as well. Otherwise what is the point of living. What is the point of doing and experiencing anything?

The problem, however, is we tend to BELIEVE all the sentences that have been written all over our paper is WHO WE REALLY ARE. Hence, there is an ongoing dispute between one sentence with another. Meaning, one thought is constantly in fight with another.

The problem is we FORGET that who we truly are is the EMPTY PAPER. We forget that we were there PRIOR to all the things that were written later. We came before all our thoughts, feelings and emotions. We came before all our names, experiences, educations, and our jobs. So nothing can REALLY define our true self. And that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t define ourselves.

I don’t know if I made myself clear. But I really think if only we could understand this concept, so many unnecessary burdens would just evaporate. If only we could understand it in the right way, we would become free from the matrix of our mind.

All I am trying to illustrate is that we are much more than just the thoughts we think.

We can LIVE even without any of the thoughts that are barking inside our head right now.

We EXIST even without the existence of any kind of unnecessary thoughts.

We won’t DIE without THINKING. But, it does feel scary not to think. And you don’t need to feel scary.

Only when you realize who you truly are at the core of your being can you then consciously transform yourself into the person you want to become.

Once again, you are not the voice inside your head.

You are not the thoughts in your head.

Who are you then?

You are the one who is observing this whole process.

You are the witness.

You are the awareness.

And you are INCREDIBLE.....

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