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One Year Mentorship Program...


Be The Architect Of Your Family and Create Lasting Change For YOU and Those You Love....


Mind Power For Kids is a patented training methodology designed with a two-pronged approach. First, we help the parent make PERMANENT transformations in their own lives, and then teaches them, STEP BY STEP,  to use the tools, techniques, and processes they've learned to give their child the greatest gift a parent can give...a life of Happiness, Success, Passion,

and Peace...a life where they don't just SURVIVE, they THRIVE...intellectually, socially and emotionally.

Using Brent's proprietary interactive tools and techniques, you will create an incredible bond and deep connection with your child. Created for parents, caregivers and teachers,

this ONE YEAR PROGRAM offers practical advice,techniques,

and transferable skills needed for you to EMPOWER your children to attain their goals!

You'll get a full year's curriculum revealing Brent's step by step, move-by-move process.

You CANNOT fact, Brent guarantees it. He is so sure of your success, he offers a full MONEY BACK GUARANTEE plus $1000! Can it get more fair than that?

You'll get access to our PRIVATE Mind Power For Kids online community, who will support you and help you stay accountable to take action and complete the modules.

Every week you'll receive access to a new video-based training module to guide you through your next growth steps, 52 trainings in total.


Backed by a FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE plus $1000! Complete this training system, and if you are unhappy for any'll get a full $1000. That's how sure Brent is of your results. We have never had a implement, you transform. It's as easy as that!


Registration Closed For 2024 & All Spots Are Filled!

Mind Power For Kids

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