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This worksheet supports the eBook, puts you in action and on the road to a successful future.  


You’re familiar with the idea of power at work and in life. You might believe that you’ll never have any power. Perhaps it’s because of one of these reasons: 


  • I don’t know the right people.
  • I didn’t attend the right school.
  • I didn’t have the right college major.
  • I’m too shy.
  • I’m too nice. 

But these aren’t true limitations. They may be obstacles to overcome in some circumstances, but these obstacles can be bested by those with the skills and motivation to do so. Even with a disadvantaged starting point, you can become powerful within your workplace and throughout the rest of your life. 

Yes, anyone can become powerful – even you! 

However, it’s necessary to work hard and be persistent, intelligent, strategic, and possess a willingness to be very assertive from time to time. The key to becoming powerful is the development of these skills and their intelligent application. 


Worksheet ONLY, Ebook available separately.

The Power Within Worksheet (Companion To Ebook)

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