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Are You Brainwashed? (YES....You Are)

Everyone has been brainwashed, if not by cult mind control in a cult organization, then via state propaganda in authoritarian and totalitarian states. If not by state propaganda, then via mass media mind control received through the radio, newspaper, and television. If not via mass media mind control, then in public and private schools via curriculum accepted without critical analysis. If not via schools, then via church doctrines received on Sunday in lectures and “Sunday school”. If not via church, then via parents teaching their children moral lessons. Everyone has been brainwashed. You cannot tell them apart, because there is no “apart”—we are all affected, including you. Not all repetitive indoctrination (“brainwashing”) is harmful. Parents are supposed to teach their children moral lessons to last a lifetime; otherwise, those children grow up without a moral compass and end up in prison or with dysfunctional relationships or as unemployable or as bad neighbors. Yes, that is a form of indoctrination, and there’s nothing wrong with it. However, the omnipresence of repetitive indoctrination and the lack of concern for critical analysis and intellectual sovereignty should make us all quite concerned for the nature of our world. The world is brainwashed. Critical analysis is the habit of carefully and skeptically considering the merits of any new idea before embracing it, no matter which supposed “authority” declares it so. Intellectual sovereignty is the determination to defend our right to decide for ourselves rather than allowing ourselves to be the equivalent of serfs under a feudal “educational” system dominated by supposed intellectual “authorities” (for a free people, there is no such thing). There is no human “authority” powerful enough to tell me what to think, and—thanks to the universal principle of free will—gods or angels don’t try. What potentially would save us from brainwashing is critical analysis and intellectual sovereignty. Are these already ingrained habits to you? Do you defend yours with determination? If not, then you can safely assume that you are the one who has been brainwashed. But you’re not alone, you’re typical. Most of humanity has been brainwashed, for very few of us grow up with these ingrained habits, or ever develop them. The insidious thing about being “brainwashed” is that it happens gradually. One really isn’t brainwashed like you might think; rather a person is shaped to think in a certain manner or along certain lines. If you are with someone who is able to isolate you from your friends and family then you should hear alarms ringing in your head as this usually is a beginning step to shaping the way one thinks or acts. It comes down to this.... If you went to school you’ve been brainwashed. If you watch TV or spend a lot of time on the internet, you’ve been brainwashed. If you believe your religion is correct, and everyone else is wrong, you’ve been brainwashed. Our thoughts and our beliefs were programmed into us by our family, friends, teachers, the media, the government, and society at large. But we have the power to shatter those paradigms and start really living for ourselves.... . . Visit My Online Home: Join Our FB Community: Get Your FREE Copy Of My New Book: Be sure to subscribe to our Official Youtube Channel: Brent's IG: "At all times and under all circumstances, we have the power to transform the quality of our lives.....don't forget it.”

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