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NOW Is The TIME....

It’s never too early to move on from the darkness and allow yourself to shine.

It is not too soon to say you are ready for the more that is to come, the more that you open yourself to receiving by continuing to march on.

**It is never too late to change the direction of your story. **

It is never too soon to move on.

**It is not too late to begin again. **

I began my journey of awakening years ago as a means to find the answers to unsolved questions.

To discover my true beliefs, my desires, my wants, and my true passions instead of the wants, desires, and needs of others that have been programmed into me since birth..

I discovered that to hide from my feelings would be futile, and ultimately, foolish. Without even knowing it, we all have lost our true identities, the pieces that compose and help us to define who we really are.

I discovered that experience does not come with age.

It does not come with each day you solely exist on this earth.

It does not come in time.

Instead, the events in life stem from CHOICE.

Life transpires due to the choices you make, the way you choose to live, the chances you take, your conscious decision to not just be, but to explore.

Take risks.

Live out loud.

Make impulsive decisions.

For that one decision could be what you owe yourself your greatest success.

No one ever found where they are meant to belong, or have felt fulfilled, in a life in which they chose to be content, a life in which nothing truly ever changes.

You have the power to choose, and it is time to stop thinking that the world is crumbling beneath your feet.

It’s time for you to keep walking.

Sure, we can not change a rocky road that is placed underneath our feet.

The wind may gust, the rain may fall, lightning may strike, hearts may break, and life may change at a moment’s notice.

Choose to smile anyway.

Choose to see the positive of the worst situations.

Let the wind blow away the dirt and cobwebs that are created when movement does not exist.


Let the rain wash away the pain.


Let the lightning brighten the dark sky allowing you to see.

Find truth.

Let the heart break show you what you don’t want from a relationship.

Raise your standards.

Let change empower you to learn and grow each day.

Love yourself.

For it is not the circumstance that dictates your life, but your mindset.

Consciously make the choice to see the world as good, and you will bask in happiness each day you are on this earth.

Remember that it's ALL perception.

See the world to be good, and it will forever be good to you.

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