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We Live In Two Worlds...

Do you believe that we live in two different worlds at the same time? Because we do.

The Inner World and The Outer World...

The Inner world is everything that happens in our minds such as our thoughts, emotions, feeling, beliefs etc and the Outer world is situations and circumstances that happen to us and our physical reality.

These 2 worlds are connected and influence each other.

When something happens to us in the Outer world, we react in the Inner world.


If you get fired from your job (situation happening to you in the outer world)

You react by becoming sad, demotivated, angry, stressed etc (reactions in your inner world)


If you win the lottery and get a promotion or increase your business revenue at the same time (situation happening to you in the outer world)

You react by becoming excited, content, successful etc.. (reactions in your inner world)

The problem is that most people are dominated by their outer world and which affects how they feel inside and that determines how they act.

Letting your Outer world control your actions robs you of your power to Create your own reality. It takes away your power to be in control of actions and you are not able choose how things make you feel.

Challenges and circumstances from your outer world will crush your Inner world and cause you to delay your progress with fear, anxiety, stress, procrastination and other similar thoughts.

But learning to focus on your Inner world so that you can choose your reactions will set you apart.

How can you connect and align your Inner and Outer world?

First, recognize that you have the power to control your thoughts.

Your thoughts are a big part of your Inner world and if you have the power to control your thoughts, you can control the Inner world, which will then influence your Outer world.

In life we are always going to experience situations – good or bad. But did you know that you have the power to choose how you want to react to certain situations!

Yes, you can choose how things affect you.

This will give you power to overcome circumstances and situations that happen to you.

No one can tell you what to think!

No matter what happens around you.

You can create any thought and change your reality...

If you understand that your thoughts are powerful forces and can attract anything you want, you will understand that you can change your reality in your inner world first, then send out the kind of reality you want with your thought vibration.

You are the cause of everything that happens to you.

If you don’t like your reality (Outer World), then change it by changing your Inner World) as it will influence your reaction.

I have experienced sad times in my life. Times when people expected me to be miserable for quite some time, but I chose to feel different and rather let my pain be an inspiration to follow my passion.

Be aware of the cause and effect that happens in your worlds...

Lack of meaning in one’s life is usually what kills people; both metaphorically, and literally speaking.

Connecting the dots is how you create meaning for yourself. Asking the question, “Why am I feeling this way? Why am I afraid? What happened to me?

Our inner and outer worlds are deeply connected. There is a constant back and forth flow between the two. How you feel influences how you see things. When you’re feeling great a lot of minor irritations are just that, minor.

But when you are feeling bad, a lot of minor issues seem major.

If you are an entrepreneur or creative, driven individual and you will experience failure and challenges in your journey but having developed such power to control and be in touch with your inner world, will help you choose the things worth worrying about and overcoming the outer world challenges.

Think of a small change that you could make right now to your inner world than would positively affect your outer world.

Now DO IT today.


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